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Sunday, September 4, 2011

David And Goliath

David and Goliath: A triumph against all odds. 1. Contrast: Humanly speaking there was a great contrast between David and Goliath: I Samuel 17:4-7; I Samuel 17:41-44. 2. Courage: David had absolutely no fear of Goliath when everyone else was totally terified of him: I Samuel 17:8-11; I Samuel 17:23-24. 3. Confidence: David had total confidence that he would defeat Goliath: I Samuel 17:25-27. 4. Comments: David did not allow the negative comments of his brothers or even King Saul to discourage him...I Samuel 17:28; I Samuel 17:33. 5. Confession: Every word that David spoke when facing Goliath was a positive confession of certain victory. I Samuel 17:34-37. 6. Contest: David had the revelation that this was a contest between God and Goliath and not just between him and Goliath. I Samuel 17:45-47; I samuel 17:38-40. 7. Champion: David came out a champion after defeating Goliath. He proved his faith by action. I Samuel 17:48-53.

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